Our goal is to give you the Best Cleaning you have ever had. We offer Commercial and Residential Cleaning.

Before you call us, call around and see what is out there in the Cleaning Industry.

Many Maid Services will not do in depth cleaning. They won't take special requests. Some won't clean above what they can't reach from standing on the ground. So if your cupboards are too tall, only the reachable area's get cleaned.

Some individuals clean homes on their own, and aren't bonded or insured. They charge less money at first. Then as business builds up, they charge more,start to burn out and become inconsistent. Then they shut down because they are cleaners who don't know how to operate a business. These are some of the stories I hear when many new Customers call.

Everyone has a budget that they feel comfortable paying. So with experience, it has lead me to Create a package called "The Limited Package". We can come in and clean on a time limit, and you make a list, with the most important tasks you don't want to have to do. Then we work down the list until time runs out. So if there is anything left, either you can clean it that week, or we can start where we left off when we go back.

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